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Unified Marketplace Platform

A consolidated platform for business - customer connect

Every business's dream is customer's satisfaction plus good returns on investment and on the other hand, customer's are conscious of best quality at fairly affordable price. We offer the best solution to make desires of both sides align to improve quality of products and services, lower price and reduce effort costs. Amasela is a marketplace adapting modern technologies to conventional market. We conduct and orchestrate the market flow between businesses and customers for better customer to business relationship and experience We don't change the market, we don't add layers, but we build support layer to help the old market transit to the modern form
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Our Products

We offer solutions to make transactions between businesses and their customers safer and cheaper, our products improve the purchasing power of your money and the buying power of customers

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Payment Services

Multipurpose Digital Wallet

Sending and receiving of payment of your products and services made easier, faster and cheaper with our digital wallet. It is a single purse that has support for all payment methods to give you and your customers a smoother and better experience. Our wallet is secured to serve and fulfill transactions between businesses and their customers

Save up to 15% of your monthly transactions

The core of our payment service is to save money by cutting off excess charges and subsidizing products and services to lower the price through our platform than you can get anywhere else in the local market around you. Using our wallet for your daily transactions saves you up to 15% of your monthly total transactions.
Amasela Apps Amasela Apps Amasela Apps
Amasela Apps
Amasela Apps Amasela Apps
Our platform

We focus on building a conducive environment for every ambitious entrepreneurs to flourish

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Grow your business faster

We give you access to technologies, resources and support you can not afford on your own to boost your business. And provide technologies adaptable to conventional way of doing business to better customer's experience, improve and build trust in the indigenous market.
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